How to Use Ford Remote Start

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Being able to start your car without having to step inside makes those Naperville morning commutes much more comfortable. Ford remote access allows you to start your Ford vehicle before you even open the door. Wondering how it all works? Read on to learn exactly how to use the Ford remote start system, what other features you can access, and how you can use this system on any of our new Ford vehicles

Getting Started with Ford Remote Start

Starting Your Car

  • On the key fob, press the lock button to lock the car doors
  • Push the remote start button two times 
  • You should see the outside lamps flash two times 
  • If the command doesn’t work, the horn will go off 

Turning Off Your Car

  • On the remote, push the start button once
  • The outside lamps will immediately shut off

Memory Feature (if equipped)

  • This feature adjusts seating, mirror, and steering wheel positions when you use remote start
  • The seating, mirror, and steering wheel positions must be preset before using memory feature

Using Status Feedback 

One feature that makes using Ford remote start a little simpler is the status feedback feature. This enables you to see if your Ford remote access is working correctly or not using a colored lighting system. Here are what the different colors mean: 

  • Green: If the light is showing a solid green, this means the remote start command is successful. 
  • Red: If you see a solid red light, this means the remote stop command is successful and the car is now off. 
  • Blinking Red: If you see a blinking red light, this means the remote start or stop command has failed.
  • Blinking Green: If you see a blinking green light, this means your remote is awaiting a status update and may take a few moments. 

Ford Remote Access Not Working? 

If you are in the Yorkville area and you’re Ford remote access isn’t working, don’t panic. There are several reasons why your key fob may not be successfully carrying out commands. Here are some of the reasons why your key fob might not work:

  • The ignition may still be on
  • Something may have triggered the alarm 
  • The remote start/stop system may be disabled
  • The hood may be open
  • The transmission may be in park
  • The vehicle’s battery could be running low
  • Check for the “service engine” light 

How Does FordPass Work? 

If you have Ford SYNC Connect equipped with your Ford vehicle, then you can use the FordPass system from outside of your car. FordPass is an app you can download from the Apple app store or Google Play. Once you have the app downloaded, you can use it from your smartphone. Check out the FordPass features that will help you get on the Yorkville roads much quicker: 

  • Vehicle start and stop can be done remotely 
  • Remotely lock and unlock your car for easy access 
  • Schedule your car to start automatically 
  • Remotely check gas and fluid levels in your car

For a better look at the FordPass system and more of our Ford model features, visit River View Ford online. 

Learn More About the Ford Remote Access System at River View Ford! 

Now that you know how to use Ford remote start, you can check out all of the innovative technology features of our Ford vehicles when you visit us online. You can see all of our Ford accessories and parts if you want to give your Ford a serious upgrade for those Oswego roads. If you have any questions on how the Ford remote access works, need help installing FordPass, or anything else, contact us today to get all of your questions answered. Let us make it easy for you to start your Ford vehicle!

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