What are the Benefits of Leasing a Car?

Plenty of people who think that buying a vehicle is the way to go simply aren’t familiar with the benefits of leasing a car. There are plenty of advantages to woo you from buying to leasing — just consider the following.

Buy vs Lease New Vehicle Specials

Saving You Money

Taking out a conventional car loan means your monthly payments cover the entire value of the vehicle, plus a little interest. When you lease, your payments only cover the amount that the car depreciates in the time you have it, plus a few finance charges. So you’ll have much lower monthly payments when you lease — but there are more financial incentives. You’ll also:

  • Save on the down payment
  • Cut down insurance costs
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages if you’re driving for business

Either put that money aside or find a higher-priced, better-equipped vehicle than you could afford to buy outright.

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Keeping Your Ride Modern

Leasing means keeping a car for three to five years and then trading it in for the latest model. Always driving a late-model vehicle means a lower chance of breakdowns and coverage from the manufacturer’s warranty. Why not take a car during its trouble-free years? Keep in mind that staying modern affects more than just reliability — you’ll also enjoy the latest safety, comfort, and entertainment technology.

Improving Convenience

Want to worry about fluctuations in your car’s trade-in value or go through the hassle of selling it yourself when it comes time to move on? If so, buying is for you. If you’d rather just drop off the car at your dealer in a few years’ time and then drive away with what you want next, going for a lease is a good way to go. No meeting potential buyers in Aurora or posting ads in Plainfield and Naperville — everything’s simple.

Enjoy the Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle with River View Ford

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