River View Ford: Financing For Oswego Residents

At River View Ford, our staff is dedicated to helping you find the car you want and getting you behind the wheel today. Is buying or leasing a car more cost effective? We can provide information surrounding both options so you can make the right decision for you. Located in Oswego, we are situated at the intersection of U.S. 30 and 5th street, right next to Townes Crossing Shopping Center.

A Look at Leasing

One of the most frequently asked questions when shopping for a car is whether it’s more beneficial to buy or to lease. The answer depends on your specific needs and driving habits. If you choose to lease a car, you may be able to get more car for less money. With a lower down payment, and usually lower monthly payments, you’re driving one of the newest vehicles on the road, which means you get to enjoy all the latest tech and entertainment advances at a fraction of the cost.

Disadvantages to Leasing

On the other hand, some things to take into consideration when leasing a vehicle is that the terms of the lease usually limit the amount of road mileage you can rack up. So if you typically drive more than 12,000-15,000 miles a year, leasing a car may not be the right option for you. The leasing contract also restricts any accessories you might want to install.

Buying: Better For Some Drivers

Though buying a car may require a higher down payment plus higher monthly payments, there are no restrictions on mileage, or alterations you may want like a leasing agreement will have. You have complete freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want with your vehicle—including selling it whenever the time may come. For Oswego drivers who reach high mileage numbers quickly or don’t want to be tied down with too many limits, buying a car may be the better option to consider.

Find Out More About What Auto Financing Works Best For You

Stop into our local Ford dealership or call today on 888-994-1003 for more information on all the pros and cons of buying and leasing or any other financing questions you may have. We hope to see our Oswego customers soon!