Visit River View Ford For Quick and Affordable Oil Changes Near Naperville

When your vehicle is in need of a quality oil change near Naperville, you can depend on River View Ford in Oswego. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we have an expert staff of technicians and offer some of the most competitive prices in the area. If your vehicle requires routine maintenance such as an oil change, look no further than the state-of-the-art service center at River View Ford.

We are not far from Naperville if you follow these simple directions:

  • Take the first right onto Aurora Ave/W Aurora Ave.
  • Turn left onto Ogden Ave/W Ogden Ave/US-34 W.
  • Make a slight right 0.3 miles past Hill Ave.
  • Make a slight right onto US-30.
  • Turn left onto 5th St.
  • We are located at 2200 U.S. Highway 30.

Are Oil Changes Really Necessary?

Many drivers do not take the time to bring their vehicles in for routine oil changes. However, avoiding this simple and inexpensive task can have some serious consequences. With an oil change, dirt and debris is removed from the engine. If you put off oil changes, those contaminants can build up in the engine and cause the moving parts to corrode, which can lead to some expensive repair bills down the road. Take a look at a couple of the other ways an oil change is vital to your vehicle.

  • It acts as a coolant – Motor oil directs heat away from the engine and displaces it so that it cannot cause damage. The oil in some newer vehicles may also be cooled as it passes through the engine.
  • It lubricates moving parts – This allows the vehicle to operate at peak performance.
  • It makes your vehicle more fuel-efficient – Without properly changing your motor oil, friction can slow down your engine. The slower your engine runs, the more frequently you will have to stop at the gas station for refueling.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at River View Ford

Has it been 3,000 miles or three months since your vehicle’s last oil change? If so, schedule your next oil change at River View Ford today. This quick and inexpensive task is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to prolong the life of your vehicle.