River View Ford Service Center is the Preferred Oil Change Location for Yorkville Residents

For a high-quality oil change at a Yorkville area Ford dealership, bring your vehicle to the River View Ford garage in Oswego, IL! Our experienced, certified technicians are versed in preventative maintenance and our service center can provide a fast, efficient oil change at a great value. Keeping your current vehicle running smoothly is our priority, and regularly changing your oil can help guarantee a long-lasting engine.

Here’s how to get to us from Yorkville:

  • Head north on S. Bridge Street toward E. Van Emmon Street and turn right onto US-34 E.
  • After about 4 miles, turn left onto Orchard Road.
  • Turn right onto U.S. 30 E and you’ll see us on the right after 3.5 miles!

Oil Changes are Important!

Here are just a few benefits of driving with enough fresh oil:

  • Normal Performance: When you change your vehicle’s oil according to the schedule recommended by its manufacturer, your engine’s moving parts won’t suffer from friction damage or sludge buildup. Oil keeps components lubricated and free of tarnish so your engine can perform at an optimal level.
  • Keeps Your Engine Cool: As oil circulates throughout your vehicle’s combustion system, it also dissipates engine heat. When there isn’t enough clean oil to properly cool the engine down, it runs at an even higher risk of overheating. This could result in total engine failure and it might even require a replacement, which is a costly repair.
  • Save Money on Fuel: If moving parts in your engine aren’t lubricated, your engine forced to work harder to produce the same performance output. This means that your vehicle needs to use more gas to function properly. However, changing your oil on a consistent basis can prevent this from happening.

Arrange an Oil Change Appointment at River View Ford Today

To schedule an oil change here at River View Ford near Yorkville, simply fill out an online service request form or call our maintenance team at (630) 897-8991! Once you’ve confirmed your oil change appointment, bring your car to our dealership at 2200 U.S. 30 in Oswego at your scheduled time.