2015 Ford Escape vs. 2015 Honda CR-V

2015 Ford Escape

The crossover SUV market is really starting to heat up, and the battle between the 2015 Ford Escape vs. the 2015 Honda CR-V has drivers in the Plainfield and Naperville, IL areas wanting to know which of these new vehicles is the right choice for their automotive needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this special report exclusively for you in order to give you insider information on these two new vehicles and to see how the Ford Escape has once again led the way in the innovation and performance departments. Read on to learn more about which of these new crossover SUVs is the best match for you!

The 2015 Ford Escape: Superior Performance, Features, and Reliability

Like its predecessors, the 2015 Ford Escape has once again dominated the crossover SUV market by carefully balancing the performance needs of its drivers, standard features, and overall vehicular reliability. In particular, the new Ford Escape earns top marks for its excellent fuel efficiency and performance, as well as incredible handling system which ensure you’re in control no matter what the conditions are like on the road. Numerous high-tech features, a comfortable cabin, and plenty of legroom seal the deal. Without a doubt, the new 2015 Escape is truly the leading vehicle in the crossover market today, and if you’re shopping around then it definitely warrants your attention. Here’s a short rundown of the specs Plainfield and Naperville drivers can expect to find on each and every one of the 2015 Escape’s that roll off the assembly line:

  • A 178-horsepower inline 4-cylinder engine capable of achieving a fuel efficiency rating of 32 mpg on the highway
  • Cruise control, a rearview camera, and loads of convenience features that come standard
  • Tons of entertainment features, including a 6-month satellite radio subscription

The 2015 Honda CR-V: An Admirable Competitor That Can’t Keep Up

Although the new CR-V is an admirable competitor to the Escape, it just can’t keep up with its rival. Critics have particularly railed against the lack of an available engine upgrade (which means you’ll be stuck at whatever level of performance the baseline powertrain affords) and inconsistent touchscreen interface that makes listening to music and navigating a pain. All in all, the new CR-V definitely boasts new features for Honda enthusiasts, but it can’t compete with the Ford Escape of its generation.

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