F-150 Team Wins Detroit Free Press Automotive Leadership Award

January 30th, 2015 by

2015 Ford F-150The 2015 Ford F-150 team earned the Detroit Free Press Automotive Leadership Award for engineering and technology. In 2008, Derrick Kuzak, former Ford global product chief, informed a planning and strategy group to think out-of-the-box as they began to develop ideas for the 2015 F-150. A few members from the group looked into a variety of options for a traditional steel truck, a high-strength steel frame, and a truck with an aluminum physique.

Eventually, over 1,000 body engineers were added to the group and worked together to design the 2015 Ford F-150 with an aluminum body and a series of other new technological features. Peter Reyes became the 2015 Ford F-150’s chief engineer and was responsible for mapping out vehicle dimensions, seating, legroom, powertrains, materials, and the overall capability of the vehicle.

The Ford F-150 Team Stands Out From the Crowd

In the fall of 2010, Peter Reyes was told to follow through with his plan to design an F-150 with an aluminum body. The group of engineers involved in the F-150 project experimented with advanced features such as box lighting and a 360-degree rear camera that went through a series of changes until design, engineering, and every department involved was pleased with the finished product.

“The whole truck, the fact it is bigger, wider, does more work and is more efficient. I’ll take that to retirement and beyond that I was lucky enough to be on that team,” said Peter Reyes.

The Ford F-150 team kept working and constantly making changes to the vehicle until it became exactly what they had envisioned. The mantra was, “Do it again. Do it again. Get it right. Get it right.” Designing the truck with an aluminum body and other technological advances was challenging but we think that drivers around Naperville will agree that the team got it right.

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