The 2017 Ford F-150 Reviews Naperville and Oswego Drivers Should Read

October 25th, 2016 by

Ford F-150 ReviewsWhen it’s time to go shopping for a new pickup, you do your research, and River View Ford wants to help. We’ve brought together the top 2017 Ford F-150 reviews for our Naperville and Oswego truck drivers to make your job a little easier. After you see what the pros have to say about this impressive new pickup, be sure to drop by our showroom to give us your review.

Critics Praise the F-150

There is no shortage of options in the pickup truck world, but when it comes to trucks, it’s tough to find the kind of praise critics offer up in their 2017 Ford F-150 reviews.

  • offers a comprehensive breakdown of the truck in their full-length review, saying “You won’t have any trouble finding a capable pickup that meets your needs in the diverse 2017 Ford F-150 lineup. The F-150 boasts impressive tow and payload ratings and some of the best fuel economy in the light-duty segment. To top it all off, the off-road-ready Raptor model is back and ready to fly over any terrain you put in front of it.”
  • Kelley Blue Book looks at how the F-150 affects the Ford vs. Chevy truck war, asserting that its new EcoBoost engine and 10-speed transmission give it an edge. They said “Ford’s 2017 F-150 full-size pickup is the king of payload, towing and fuel economy, and its turbocharged V6 engine options are unique in a field of V8-powered rivals.”
  • The Car Connection examined the F-150 on style, performance, comfort, safety, features, and fuel economy, saying “The Ford F-150 is a powerhouse in the yearly battle. Its capability and performance are matched only by its impressive sales and longevity.”

Each of these sites examines virtually every vehicle in the auto world; be sure to seek out their full reviews to learn more about what they think of the F-150 and how it stacks up to competing trucks.

Test-Drive the 2017 Ford F-150

We think it’s important to read the reviews of auto critics, but at the end of the day, the only 2017 Ford F-150 reviews we care about come from our Oswego and Naperville customers. Contact River View Ford today to schedule your test-drive.

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