2017 Ford Fusion Energi Range: Up to 610 Miles!

June 14th, 2016 by

2017 Ford Fusion EnergiThe range of a plug-in hybrid is common worry for hybrid owners in Naperville and Oswego IL. Thankfully, the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi range wipes away those worries. Continue reading to find out what contributes to making the new Ford Fusion Energi go farther than any other plug-in hybrid on the market.

How Far Can It Go?

By making a few game changing tweaks to the previous model, Ford has managed to make an outstanding plug-in hybrid that can travel up to 610 miles with a full tank of gas and a full charge, according to EPA estimates. This tops the 2016 model’s 550 miles, and equips the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi with the highest combined range of any plug-in hybrid in the American market.

One of the biggest changes that affect the range of the Ford Fusion Energi is an effective change to the vehicle’s hybrid powertrain software and regenerative braking system. The change makes it so that the vehicle will recycle energy that is normally lost when braking, which in turn enables the battery to last longer.

The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi range comes courtesy of a 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Energi Plug-In Hybrid engine and an electric motor as well as a battery that helps it obtain its impressive range. Along with this powertrain, the Ford Fusion Energi also comes equipped with a spectacular EV mode button that gives drivers the freedom to choose the mode in which the vehicle operates at any time. These modes are:

  • EV Now mode which allows drivers to operate the vehicle using mainly plug-in power.
  • Auto EV mode allows drivers to choose to switch back and forth between plug-in and gas engine options as needed.
  • EV Later will save plug-in power for later and run mostly on the gas engine.

With the ability to choose whether the vehicle runs on gas, electricity, or a combination and an outstanding range that gets better each year, it’s no surprise that so many drivers around Naperville and Oswego are so thrilled about the new Fusion Energi and its stunning range.

Experience Incredible Range in the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi

Want to put the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi range to the test? Naperville and Oswego residents can stop by River View Ford, located at 2200 US Highway 30 in Oswego, IL or call 888-994-1003 to schedule a test drive today.

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