The 2017 Ford Mustang Reviews: A Powerful Pony Car for Oswego and Naperville

October 27th, 2016 by

2017 Ford Mustang
There are few modern cars with a real sense of history, but the latest 2017 Ford Mustang reviews put it firmly in place as the latest model in a long line of muscle cars, impressing Oswego and Naperville drivers for years. What makes the Mustang such a remarkable car? We’ve brought together highlights of the top auto critics’ reviews of the latest model so you can see what they think – then you can visit River View Ford and make your own opinion.

The Mustang Brings Power and Elegance

It’s not too hard to find a powerful car or one with a sense of style, but it’s rare that we see a vehicle like the Mustang, where it’s clear that Ford has put just as much effort into its slate of engines as its head-turning good looks. And considering these highlights from 2017 Ford Mustang reviews, the critics seem to agree:

  • suggests anyone seeking a new coupe or convertible should pay attention to the Mustang, saying “If you’ve ever had a desire for a sporty American coupe (or convertible), now is an excellent time to check out the 2017 Ford Mustang. With just one test-drive, you’ll see that the Mustang is civilized and packed with modern tech, but it still holds on to all the trademark swagger and performance that has defined it for more than five decades.”
  • Kelley Blue Book recalls the five decades of satisfied drivers and asserts that the Mustang has bragging rights beyond horsepower. “If you’re looking for a sports coupe or convertible with power, pedigree, iconic style and an abundance of available tech/safety features and creature comforts, the 2017 Mustang brings all those to the table. That it starts around $25,000 is the cherry on top.”
  • Motor Trend looked at the more performance-oriented Mustang, as they do, but they were sure to address the comfort of even the sport-tuned models, saying “on the open road, the Mustang GT feels right at home and has a comfortable interior that’s great for long road trips even with the optional Recaro bucket seats.”

Test-Drive the Mustang

We want to hear your 2017 Ford Mustang reviews. Naperville and Oswego drivers can contact River View Ford today to schedule time behind the wheel of one of the Mustang’s five trim levels – we’re sure there’s one waiting here for you.

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