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November 18th, 2011 by

A Certified Ford Focus is Naperville’s Preferred Choice!

women with car keysIf you’re coming from Naperville for a certified Ford Focus, then you’ve found the place to get it! River View Ford in Oswego, Illinois is the area’s premier Ford dealer. Ford has recognized this, too, bestowing us with the honor of their President’s Award on five separate occasions, while only ten percent of Ford dealerships in the country receive it even once. Clearly, River View Ford is the cream of the crop, and we prove it every day with our extensive selection of new and used vehicles, our affordable prices, and consistent commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Being the best isn’t easy, but we plan to keep it up!

What is a Certified Used Vehicle?

When searching for information about buying used cars, most people run across some vehicles labelled as “certified.” So what does this mean? The short explanation is that a certified vehicle will give you a guarantee of quality and longevity. Why is this? Why come from Naperville for a certified Ford Focus instead of just buying any old used one? The reason is simple: it’s all about guarantees. To become certified, a vehicle has to pass an extensive inspection as mandated by the manufacturer, and any necessary repairs must be made before it can go out on our lot. Many of the vehicles that are submitted for certification ultimately end up being rejected, offering proof that manufacturers’ certification standards demand the highest quality. If every vehicle could make it, what would be the point?
Certified vehicles always feature a warranty beyond the original warranty. This second warranty is backed by the vehicle’s manufacturer and carries most if not all of the perks of a new vehicle warranty. Certification is all about giving you peace of mind. Why take the risk of a used vehicle that’s not certified when there’s so much to lose?

River View Ford Has Certified Vehicles

It’s easy to get a certified Ford Focus near Naperville — just come to River View Ford in Oswego, Illinois! We’ve got an extensive selection of other vehicles, too, both new and used, so we’re confident we have something that will be a perfect fit for you. That’s just a part of the great things that we can do for you. Come see us and see why we’re the best.

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