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January 21st, 2013 by
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The Ford My Touch Console

If you told drivers a decade ago that they’d be seeing personal computers showing up in their cars within the next few years, they may not have been too surprised. But, if you told them just how prevalent these new media integration systems would become by 2013, they might be a bit shocked.

Nearly ubiquitous now, many automakers are making their own personal user interfaces standard on many of their vehicles, and Ford’s MyFord Touch is at the front of the pack with regard to both performance and options.

Ford doesn’t show any sign of slowing down on the technology front either, offering upgrades to the system multiple times a year as well as an array of new application options. Just recently, for instance, Ford released nine new apps for use with MyFord Touch. For those keeping track, that nearly doubles what your system will be able to do!

Debuting at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Ford has announced that the following applications will not only be available with MyFord Touch but will also be able to be controlled through the car’s voice command system as well:

  • Aha Radio

  • Rhapsody

  • Greater Media

  • Glympse

  • BeCouply

  • Wall Street Journal

  • USA Today

  • Kaliki

  • Amazon Cloud Player

While many drivers were likely already happy with access to software such as Pandora and Stitcher, the addition of news sources and the Amazon Cloud Player make it so much easier to take your media with you on the go.

Don’t worry about absent-minded drivers out there trying to read the news from their touchscreen: applications like the one from USA Today will read the news to the driver.

With this new range of apps comes a bright future as well, as Ford has announced a program to make it far easier for developers to get their applications onto Ford vehicles. Developers can download Ford’s AppLink SDK that allows for integration of already existing apps.

We may not be in an age of flying cars as some would’ve hoped for half a century ago, but with this level of driving technology, it’s hard to argue that we’re anywhere but the pinnacle of automotive and technological advancement.

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