Ford Unveils Their Earth-Shaking Atlas Pickup Concept

February 18th, 2013 by
Ford Atlas Concept

Ford Atlas Concept

It’s something of a tradition that an automaker premiere their new vehicles—concept and production alike—at auto shows like the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), and Ford dropped a titan of a pickup on the automotive world this past January with the Atlas.

Although Ford’s pickup concept is new to the world, heads are already being turned and awards are being won. Indeed, Autoweek Magazine declared the vehicle the “most significant pickup” at the auto show. Despite being a concept vehicle, we’re thinking that the Atlas will provide a glimpse into the revamped F-Series trucks coming in 2015. If this is true, it seems likely to continue Ford’s multi-decade dominance of the pickup market.

Beyond being a forecast of things to come, the Atlas also pushes and pulls at the boundaries of what drivers expect out of their trucks, from technology, hauling/towing capabilities, and fuel efficiency.

In describing their affection for the Atlas, Bob Gritzinger, executive editor at Autoweek, declared its success as due to the “things you don’t see.” Of particular note were improvements that yielded an improved fuel efficiency, such as a retooled design, aerodynamic body structure, and a generally lighter frame. Merging these advancements with the Atlas’s EcoBoost engine and start-stop technology, Ford is clearly looking to give truck drivers something they didn’t know they needed.

Although often found in hybrid vehicles as one of their many methods of energy conservation, the start-stop technology can be used in gasoline driven vehicles like pickups as well. The technology does need to be tweaked somewhat in order for the Atlas to offer performance fitting the F-Series.

While the Atlas has earned its accolades, Autoweek‘s praise is nothing new for Ford vehicles, as this is the sixth year in a row in which one of their vehicles has been named in the magazine’s Editors’ Choice Awards.

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