Ford S-Max Concept Vehicle Offers Substantial Tech Advances

October 14th, 2013 by

two happy women in a carCategorized as a sport activity vehicle, Ford unveiled a new concept car in Germany back in August. Dubbed the Ford S-Max Concept, Ford Chief Alan Mulally was proud to brag about this forward-thinking model. Its purpose is to create a safer, smarter driving experience for both the driver of the Ford S-Max and other drivers on the road. Let’s take a closer look at how this future model could change the way we operate our vehicles.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

During the Ford S-Max Concept’s debut, Ford’s director of electrics and electronics explained a multitude of scenarios to the audience that the S-Max would be capable of executing. Demonstrations included both automatic parallel parking and automatic vertical parking, as well as backing out of a space without driver guidance. While this is incredibly convenient, the new Ford S-Max Concept could bring other safety advances, too.

Ford engineers plan to implement Wi-Fi technology in the Ford S-Max in order to communicate with other vehicles in immediate proximity about potential problems. Pushing health and safety technology for cars to a whole new level, Ford’s own SYNC infotainment system in this concept car could be outfitted to monitor a driver’s heart rate and contact emergency services if the system senses that something is wrong. SYNC could even be modified to connect to a glucose monitor to detect if an occupant within the car had suffered a diabetic episode.

How Automotive Technology Effects the Industry

Self-driving vehicles are fast becoming more of a reality than science fiction, and with all of the tech advances seen in the Ford S-Max Concept, vehicle development will start to focus more on apps and operating systems just as much as on horsepower and fuel efficiency. At River View Ford in Oswego, we strive to provide our customers with the latest Ford models featuring the most advanced technology available, and when these concepts hit the production line, chances are we’ll have them on our lot! To find out more about our current Ford offerings, feel free to call our sales team at (630) 897-8900 today!

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