How to Drive Safely

February 27th, 2013 by

texting while drivingWhile you may know how to drive perfectly well, it’s important to remember these simple tips to stay safer on the road. Following these guidelines from River View Ford can eliminate many of the factors that cause accidents.

  • Be Attentive: One of the most common causes of traffic accidents is distraction. Do what you need to do to eliminate distraction and stay focused on the road. Don’t use the phone or become overly distracted by the radio, navigation system, or other things in the vehicle. Don’t let other passengers take your focus off the road. If you need to, pull over to regain your focus.
  • Scan the Road:  Don’t simply watch the road or car immediately ahead of you. Watch for hazards from unexpected places and be prepared to react to obstacles farther off so that you have plenty of time.
  • Don’t Tail-Gate: Maintain a buffer zone between the car ahead of you. Your following distance should be at a minimum 3 seconds, and more if weather conditions would make stopping distances longer.
  • Beware of Driving Conditions: If you don’t have experience driving in adverse weather like snow or rain, then be extra careful and take it slow. Weather can adversely affect both traction and visibility, so be extra careful or avoid driving in exceptional weather conditions.
  • Never Drive Tired or Intoxicated: It is never worth it to drive if your focus or abilities are altered in any way. This includes the use of medication, drugs, alcohol or anything that might impair your driving. It endangers yourself and other people, so it’s always better to find a place to get rest and start the trip again when you’re in better shape.
  • Plane Your Route: Know where you’re going ahead of time. If you’re forced to consult a map or navigation device, you’ll be distracted from the road, potentially leading to an accident.
  • Wear Seatbelts: Even if you’re just taking a quick trip always wear your seatbelts. It’s not worth the risk, and it’s illegal in many states to not wear them.
  • Don’t Drive Aggressively: If you’re driving too fast, braking hard, cornering sharply, and generally driving aggressively, you’re not only endangering yourself, but others on the road. Keep your racing for the track!

We look out for our drivers here at River View Ford, so if you’ve got any questions about the ways in which the latest Ford vehicles are engineered to help keep you safe behind the wheel, drop by our dealership, take a look at the new Ford lineup, and meet with our friendly staff!