The New Power Wheels Mustang Features Traction and Stability Control

December 10th, 2016 by

Power Wheels MustangsIf you’ve been skeptical about the idea of an EV pony car that retains the exuberance and power of models past, you’re about to eat your words thanks to the launch of the Power Wheels Mustang. While experts were discussing the possibility of a 10-speed transmission and hybrid battery packs, Ford paired with Fisher-Price to reinvent the industry.

Introducing the Power Wheels Mustang

People have been thirsting after a smaller and lighter Mustang for years, and their dreams have finally been realized in the most dramatic way possible. The new Power Wheels Mustang will live up to your need for compact dimensions by accommodating just two passengers.

Sporty styling has been retained, but the real draw here is all-electric power. Putting pedal to, erm, plastic, in the Power Wheels Mustang will cause a variable speed limiter to take you from 1 mph, perfect for cruising the city streets of Naperville, to 5 mph, if you ever need to really open things up on the highway.

You’ll even be able to tear up the streets with greater peace of mind; this is the first ever Power Wheels vehicle to feature both traction and stability control. If you’re feeling reckless after one too many juice boxes, the Power Wheels Mustang will actually detect any wheel slippage or cut power if you’re in danger of rolling over. The Power Wheels Mustang has always attracted the more daring, hell-for-leather pre-teen set, but now they’ll enjoy an additional level of safety.

In terms of technology, the Power Wheels Mustang strips a lot away compared to its larger brother. This is a performance-focused model that doesn’t have time for luxuries such as climate control, windows, and a roof, but you’ll still find the largest speaker ever installed in a Power Wheels vehicle.

EVs have always had an issue replicating the reassuring roar of a gasoline engine, so the Power Wheels Mustang’s speaker will produce real engine noises that rise and fall with your speed. Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf – none of them have this technology. You pull up next to a Tesla S and gun the motor of your Power Wheels Mustang, they’ll know who’s boss.

The Power Wheels Mustang is a Stunning Lightweight Pony Car

With technologies and power never before seen within the kid-size segment, the Power Wheels Mustang is impossible to ignore. If you’d like to find out more, or try out the full-sized model, just come down to River View Ford today – we’re only a short drive from Naperville in Oswego.

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