Service Pickup and Delivery — We’ll Come to You!

At River View Ford, we do everything in our power to put you behind the wheel of your ideal vehicle, but that’s just the beginning. Even after your initial purchase, we’ll remain on hand to help keep you vehicle in prime condition, even if it means picking it up for service and then bringing it back when the work is done.

If you can’t get to the showroom, just let us know — we’ll be happy to have a friendly team member come to you to discuss what’s wrong, bring the vehicle to our service center, and then return it to you. In some cases, we can even bring you a loaner car so you can remain mobile while we handle the repairs.

We’ve happily provided this service for customers in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and our native Illinois. It’s not something we charge for — it’s just a benefit of being a River View Ford customer!